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The term "Microfiber" is short for "Micro Denier Fiber", that is, fibers that are less than 1 denier in size. Since they are very fine, microfibres can be tightly woven into a very high density fabric, which possess many desirable characteristics:

    • Shrink resistant
    • High abrasion resistance, yielding dependable longevity
    • Stain resistant
    • Light weight, yet extremely durable
    • High tearing & tensile strength
    • High colour fastness to machine washing, dry cleaning, perspiration, light, rubbing and chlorine bleach
    • Nil formaldehyde
    • Neutral pH
    • Low flammability
    • Resists "pilling" and "clinging"
    • Dries quickly and therefore saves energy in drying time
    • Highly resistant to crease and crinkle, eliminating the need to iron, thus saving energy
    • Machine washable, dry cleanable, can be tumble-dried
    • A unique softness and pliability - unequalled and unsurpassed!
*As per results of testing at SGS labs, Hong Kong, 2008.

Microfibre sheets... like a bad habit - easy to slip into, hard to get out of!!!

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