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Butterfly Dreams Luxury Bed Linens was established in February 2007 by Tim & Edith, to revolutionize people's concept of their ideal bed linen.

Our quest was to produce an exquisite and uniquely superior fabric for bed linens, with minimal impact on the environment; a durable fabric which would maintain its nice, new buttery-soft feel through years of use and laundering.

It took two years of research and trials to create a fabric that not only satisfied our criteria, but surpassed them...more than 99% of field studies received glowing accolades, while all lab test results far exceeded the required standards.

Our signature fabric is hard to describe... sensuous, buttery, luxurious, opulent, lavish, rich, pampering, sumptuous, ritzy or just sooooooo soft and luscious! It is the ultimate fabric for fitted sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers. You'll wonder how you ever slept without it!

Our microfiber bedlinen saves energy both by drying quickly and eliminating the need to iron, due to its high crease and crinkle resistant properties.


Edith was born & raised in Manila, Philippines. She attended private Catholic schools. At Assumption College in Makati, she majored in Interior Design graduating in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

In 2001, Edith formed her own Interior Design & Renovation business, Dreamspaces. She ran the business until she moved to Hong Kong in 2006.

In 2007 she was offered a position as Project Designer for VMW Far East Ltd., an Interior Sourcing & Supply Co. with hotel projects mostly in North America. In 2009, as the demand for Edith's time and expertise grew, she decided to divide her time between VMW and Butterfly Dreams. She expanded Butterfly Dreams into Canada in 2012.


Tim grew up on a sheep and wheat farm with 11 siblings in Tullamore, central N.S.W Australia. He attended university in Sydney for 7 years, obtaining 2 science degrees (Anatomy/Physiology & Physiotherapy). After one year of working in the hospital system, Tim moved to Canada to learn to ski. After 18 months in Whistler, BC, he moved Nth to Smithers and opened a private physiotherapy practice with 2 partners. He then opened 2 more clinics in BC and operated all 3 for the next 11 years. Tim sold his interest in these clinics in 2002. In 2003 he moved to Hong Kong where he worked in a sports clinic, as well as with the HKFC rugby section.

In 2007, Tim and his wife Edith incorporated Butterfly Dreams Luxury Bed Linens Ltd. They developed a new microfiber fabric, which has now become the signature fabric for their unique collection of luxury linens.

Our Criteria

Our bed linen meets the following key criteria: 

  • Produced and distributed with minimal environmental impact.
  • Possesses dependable longevity, while maintaining its "as new" characteristics.
  • End-user maintenance that requires minimal energy, water and chemical consumption. (i.e. minimum washing, drying and ironing).
  • Recyclable material.
  • Desirable at the highest level... luxurious!

Our Signature Fabric


The term "Microfiber" is short for "Micro Denier Fiber", that is, fibers that are less than 1 denier in size. Since they are very fine, microfibres can be tightly woven into a very high density fabric, which possess many desirable characteristics:

    • Shrink resistant
    • High abrasion resistance, yielding dependable longevity
    • Stain resistant
    • Light weight, yet extremely durable
    • High tearing & tensile strength
    • High colour fastness to machine washing, dry cleaning, perspiration, light, rubbing and chlorine bleach
    • Nil formaldehyde
    • Neutral pH
    • Low flammability
    • Resists "pilling" and "clinging"
    • Dries quickly and therefore saves energy in drying time
    • Highly resistant to crease and crinkle, eliminating the need to iron, thus saving energy
    • Machine washable, dry cleanable, can be tumble-dried
    • A unique softness and pliability - unequalled and unsurpassed!
*As per results of testing at SGS labs, Hong Kong, 2008.

Microfibre sheets... like a bad habit - easy to slip into, hard to get out of!!!

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